I like being on the edge, in art and in life. You learn to balance, to be different in what you do.
I need to cross the boundaries which restrain me somehow.
To me the world of art is one big provocation, which cannot be limited.
It’s all about fantasy and global effect, about the merging of forms into one another.

M Y  W O R L D  O F  A R T



Ina Damyanova is an artist and designer in Bulgaria. She works in the fields of visual art, interior and product design. In her work she uses different medias to obtain highly individual result. Her works are part of Art Centre Hugo Vouten‘s collection-Belgium and many other private collections in Bulgaria, France, Germany, Austria and Spain. Graduated from the Sofia Art College in 1991, Applied Arts Department, major Design. Lives and works in Bulgaria.
First prize for pivate interiors for 2017 at the prestigious DIBLA National Awards
Second prize for public interiors for 2016 at the specialized magazine Nash Dom with the project the National Book Center ‘’Peroto’’ at the National Palace of Culture
Second prize for pivate interiors for 2006 at the specialized magazine Idealen Dom
Presenter of "Pecha Kutcha", Sofia
Member of the Sharette / Association of Architects, Designers and Artists
There are a lot of realized projects, in private homes and in public places. One of her latelest projects is design of Aristocrat Club in Mayfair, London.
There are a number of publications in the specialized design magazines: Brava Casa, EVA, Nash Dom, Ideal House, Home, DIVA, Architectural magazine and others.


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